Why Invest in Onesta Group

(Growth Profile Financial Growth)

Onesta Group compounded annual growth rate over the past years (June 30, 2010 through June 30, 2018) for revenue and operating cash flow was 21% and 24%, respectively. These financial results were derived from our interests in 15 active mining operations which provide portfolio diversification and revenue stability. Higher average metal prices for the majority of the decade also contributed to our strong performance. Onesta has a strong balance sheet and, combined with our growing cash flows, is well positioned for future growth opportunities.

Built-In Growth

In addition to our portfolio of 42 producing assets as of March 31, 2020, the Company also holds interests in 16 development properties where reserves have been identified and efforts are being made by the various operators to develop the properties.

ShareHolder Value

Onesta Group business model is inherently scalable and efficient, resulting in margin expansion as the price of gold increases. We do not conduct mining operations on the properties in which we hold stream and royalty interests, and, except for our interest in the Peak Gold JV, we are not required to contribute to capital costs, exploration costs, environmental costs or other operating costs on those properties. We are not exposed to the inflationary pressures which have impacted the rate of return and profit margins of operating mining companies over the past several years.


Explore Bafaka Balue village in Cameroon.

Weather : 10-13 Degree Cold admospheric condition both in summer and in rainy season.

Bafaka in the region of South-West Province is located in Cameroon - some 173 mi (or 278 km) West of Yaoundé, the country's capital city.


- Grading and polishing of the Bekora Barombi and Bafaka Balue road. Starting from Botere to Bafaka Balue first, before taking from Botere to Bekora Barombi to complete.
- Water supply by gravity from Dikoso stream to the entire village of Bafaka Balue to Ekondo Titi Sub-division.
- The supply of electricity in Bafaka Balue by heavy electricity plant or solar Energy.
- The Renovation of Government High School of Bafaka Balue GBHS.
- District hospitals and medical facilities for the Bafaka Balue people.
- Building of primary and Nursery schools for the Bafaka Balue people.