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Our companies are strategically connected. Their synergy is the key to our success, growth and sustainable business in the Cameroonian, Europe, Australia, Asia and American markets.

ONESTA has been building strong partnership relations with primary farmers, local miners. On the basis of this partnership, the company is looking at sustainable investment through the pre-financing of primary artisanal and agricultural production and welcome support/aids from international partners to sustain the extractive operation by providing modern mining equipments, tools, washing plans for heavy inputs and free soil analysis.


The overall objective of Onesta is to provide breakthrough solutions for a sustainable Artisanal, Agriculture, Forest & gold mining value chain. This means to develop the technical capabilities to adequately and cost-effectively discover, potential precious minerals and the management of extractive operations. The efficiency and transparency of extraction and mining management and the framework for the sustainable mining development. In other to achieve these objectives, we will focus on local/regional integration of mining activities. We shall also contribute to the strategically framework which stretches beyond the scope and time-line of this objectives. Further to increase the contribution of mining sustainable growth and development in the local communities.

In addition, it will contribute towards the local/regional and nation building for the growth of business climate by improving transparency, access to road, health care, institution, information and facilities of communication among locals and indigenes.


Create and grow sustainable value for our locals/regional through the application of best practices in mining and our commitment on protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees and the environment in the communities where we work.


To be a recognized gold mining company focused on growing sustainable production, delivering on our commitments for excellence and valuing and developing our employees.


Zero Harm: - Zero harm to our employees, the environment and communities is our goal. Dignity and Respect: – Equal treatment and opportunity for all employees with transparent processes founded on dignity and respect and encouraging a sense of ownership. Sustainability: – Sustainable growth supported by a safe, profitable and socially responsible business while developing long-term resources. Collaboration – Productive and ethical working relationships, transparent and responsive dialogue with surrounding communities and public agencies for the benefit of all stakeholders. Excellence – A commitment to focus on a culture of best business practices.


Earth provides natural resources, such as fossil fuels, precious metals and minerals that are vital for human life. As the global demand grows, especially for strategic metals, commodity prices rapidly rise. Thus there is an identifiable risk of increasing supply shortage for metals identified as critical to Cameroon’s economy. Hence a major element in Cameroon’s long-term economic strategy must be as per the government vision of 2035, to ensure security of supply for these strategic metals. In this rapidly changing global economic landscape, mining in the artisanal has gone from a distant possibility to a likely reality within just a decade. At the purely geological level, geological cartography and the overall knowledge of the country’s mineral potential is still very limited and currently seem outdated. Geophysical and geochemical data are still inadequate for vast areas or need to be reinterpreted using modern technologies and approaches when they are available. Geologists reveals the current, more than 50% of the territory extractive sites remains unknown